How to Play Multiplayer in CarX Street With Friends?

In most games, you usually just click “Play with Friends” in the menu to join your friends. But CarX Street does things differently. You can’t just send an invitation and have your friend join. Instead, you need to find your friend on the map within the game. Don’t worry, we’ve made it simple!

To play CarX Street with your friends, first, make sure both you and your friend are online. Then, look for the green arrows that show real players on the map, pick the same server as your friend, and agree on a meeting place on the map. Then, challenge them for a race. Read further to understand all these in detail.

Apart from playing with friends online, we’ve also included tips on how to organize your tournaments. CarX Street’s multiplayer mode offers something for 1 on 1 races as well as intense tournaments. Let’s help you show off your drifting skills to other players in multiplayer races on CarX Street!

Enjoy and Compete With Multiplayer in CarX Street

Simple Guide to Play with Friends on CarX Street Multiplayer

Since CarX Street for PC was released, they’ve been making it better. Now, they’ve added a feature where you can play with others online! This has never been done before on Drifting simulator games like CarX Street.

Although you can now compete with your friends and even people you don’t know, not many people understand the settings. That’s why we’ve added these easy go-to steps! We have added tips from our gameplay that make playing with Multiplayer in CarX Street better and easier. Let us help you join real-time battles with players from all over the world!

For Multiple Online Randoms

  1. Open CarX Street and make sure you have a stable internet connection.
  2. Start by opening your map in the game.
  3. In the top left corner of your screen, find the “ offline” button.
  4. Tap it to go online. (You’ll know it’s working when the button turns green.)
  5. In multiplayer mode, you’ll see changes on the map. Instead of set events, you’ll find a more open world with lots to explore. You won’t have access to clubs or specific events, but you can still visit upgrade and customization stores.
  6. Once you’re online, keep an eye out for arrows highlighted in green on the map. These represent real players online.
  7. When you come near a random player on the map, you’ll see an option to “race.”
  8. Tap it to challenge the other player to a race and that’s it! If they accept, get ready to show off your skills and maybe win some rewards.

For Online Friend

Playing CarX Street with your real-life friends in multiplayer mode makes the game even more fun! It’s similar to above but now you aren’t just racing a random player. Here’s how you to do that:

  1. Make sure both you and your friend have clicked on “ offline” to go into “online” multiplayer mode.
  2. CarX Street has servers in different parts of the world, like Asia, America, and Europe.
  3. Make sure you and your friend choose the same server so you can play together without any problems.
  4. Once both of you are on the same server, decide where to meet on the map.
  5. Talk to your friend on Steam or Discord and agree on a location that works for both of you.
  6. You will see the username of the cars when you’re near them. Do this and spot your friend. When you see your friend’s car icon on the map, head towards them.
  7. When you’re close, you’ll see an option to “race.”
  8. Click on it to challenge your friend to a race.

For CarX Street Tournaments

CarX Street doesn’t have multiplayer tournaments yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t organize one yourself! If you have a team, you can set it up and become an admin. Just follow our guide for a competitive tournament:

  1. Play On Multiplayer Mode: Follow the above guide to enable online mode.
  2. Have The Same Server: CarX Street has servers in different regions like Asia, America, and Europe. Make sure everyone playing is on the same server. 
  3. Choosing Where to Race: The best part is picking where your tournament will take place! On the CarX Street Open-World Map, you’ve got some great options like Harbor, Industrial, Midtown, Mountain Drive, and more. 
  4. Let The Race Begin: Once you’ve picked your location, tell everyone to come to the same location and the “race” option will pop up. Click it and Enjoy the tournament!

Tips to Pick Location!

  • For Busy City Vibes: If you like towering buildings, wide roads, and lots of competition, go for Industrial and Midtown. You and your team will be racing against others in a mix of cars and trucks.
  • Drifting Practice: If you want to get better at drifting, try Mountain Drive. It’s got twisty turns, steep hills, and amazing views. You can sharpen your drifting skills while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Make sure your internet is on and look for a car that matches your friend’s car class. That’s all it takes to join your friends in CarX Street. If you still can’t find your friends, follow the above guide.

Yes, with the latest update (Version: 1.3.0), you can play with other players in real time.

CarX Street doesn’t cost anything to play but to unlock cars early, you can choose to purchase credits with real money.

It’s both! You can complete events and storylines offline, and roam freely online with other players.

Closing Remarks

It’s hard to find racing games that have both multiplayer modes and real-life graphics but CarX Street has made it possible! Still, many players want to know How to Play Multiplayer in CarX Street With Friends.

Just make sure you’re online, spot the green arrows, and challenge them for a showdown. We hope our guide helped you get the multiplayer experience on CarX Street. The finding-your-friend-online-on-the-map method may not be the best but it’s easy once you understand it. Overall, CarX Street’s multiplayer mode offers something for every racing lover. So, have fun with your friends or online!

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